What is Integrative & complementary medicine?
The term Integrative & Complementary Medicine are healing systems that work alongside orthodox medicine and include therapies such as Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, treatment of mental illness with nutrients, treatment of digestive dysfunction with natural supplements & dietary changes, use of herbal therapies and wellness programs tailored to the individual.

Integrative Medicine practice varies between the individual, however the most common approach involves the following:

  • Prevention of Illness — For optimal health
  • Treatment of the whole person — Physical, emotional, social & spiritual
  • Treatment of the cause of illness — To support the body’s natural healing process
  • Individual treatment programs — Programs that work with the totality of the person to find the best approach to healing.

What, “EDGE WELLNESS”, does for Women & Men?
EDGE WELLNESS implements the latest complementary medicine treatments such as nutritional, lifestyle & fitness assessment to regain good health or maintain wellness.

This is achieved by a wholistic assessment of your health. This is done by an in-depth diagnosis, where we work out an individually detailed program to achieve this outcome

Treatment may involve changes to your diet & nutrition, environment, physical & mental health and detoxification of your system thereby bringing the body back into balance, creating a new sense of wellbeing.